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There is nothing more powerful than knowing you’re not alone in the day to day challenges. We’d love to be able to share your journeys and images of your lives with the community, even anonymously if you’d prefer.

To share your story and or pictures with the rest of our community please contact us by clicking below.

“As lead counsellor with GGP you might expect to hear that I have been managing my journey to HRT through our services. Well, you would be wrong. I took the decision, three years ago, to follow the NHS pathway to treatment. Here I wanted to share my experiences with you in the hope that you will see you are not alone”.

Marianne tells her story here.

Marianne Oakes

Lead Counsellor , GenderGP

Joanna has created this wonderful video for you to watch about her transition.

Joanna Parker

“I have vague dreams of another life, a very different, less happy, less content and incomplete life.

Then I realise those are not my dreams but memories of my past”.

Pam shares her wonderful story here.


“What a difference a year makes. Four stone lighter and feeling great. I have been on hormones for six months now and I am off to Thailand for some top half surgery next month. Then hopefully March next year back over for my full srs change. I have never been happier and my wife and family have been fantastic. All my friends have had no problems with my change and life is good”.

See Ann’s before and after here.

Ann Quance

Stephanie wanted to share before and after pictures of her transition.

You can view her pictures here.

Stephanie G

Henrietta wanted to share pictures of herself during her transition.

You can view them here.

Henrietta K

Saoirse wanted to share before and after pictures of her transition.

You can view her pictures here.


In a recent Instagram post, poet @reecelyons_ revealed that, since it was published by the i-newspaper, her performance at the Roundhouse has been shared more than 1.5 million times.

We think its brilliant, so we asked her if we could share her story with our community – she said yes.

You can watch it here.

“I am a woman and I have a penis”.

Follow Reece on Instagram and Twitter at: @reecelyons_


Reece Lyons

“The unhappy, frustrated, angry, dysfunctional person seems to have gone. Its like the fog has lifted and I am seeing and thinking so much more clearly. I am really feeling like I am becoming the woman I should have always been. For the very first time in my life I am liking myself. After years of self hatred I like what I see when I look in the mirror and more importantly perhaps I am liking the person that I am”.

Read Sasha’s full story here.

Sasha Phear

Sasha wanted to share pictures of herself through her transition.

You can view them here.

Sasha Jones

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