My Journey: Sally to Shay

My Journey: Sally to Shay

Title: MY JOURNEY - SALLY TO SHAY. Author: SHAY. ROBERTSON Genre: Autobiographical Release Date: 18th December 2018 Pages: 162 Shay Robertson lays it all out in the pages of his book as he takes you, year-by-year, through his incredible journey to realise his true...

Can a Scan Reveal if you are Trans?

Earlier this week, findings presented at the European Society of Endocrinology’s annual meeting in Barcelona, revealed that a series of scans may show variations in the brain activity and structure of patients with gender dysphoria. The suggestions are that rather...

Zucker again – Article for Guardian

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the mythical fire, Kenneth Zucker rose again to promote his theories of multi-trajectory outcomes for transgender children. Although effectively dismissed from the Toronto CAHM in 2015 and expected to fade away into retirement,...

When I was young

Written and submitted by one of my patients: When I was young (birth to 10-11) I had no issues with my appearance and I was comfortable. I had plenty of friends and I was a happy child. But from a young age I wanted long hair and I liked the dresses that girls got to...
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