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Dr Mike Webberley – TransGender Specialist

Providing 100% confidential, safe and genuine medical care.

This website is for people who need confidential, easy access to help, advice, support and medication.

Free Medical Advice

Ask me anything about your gender thoughts and feelings. I offer free and confidential advice to everyone, regardless of your financial status, age, gender (!) or medical needs. Ask me today and I will get back to you ASAP.

Counselling and Support

I work with a team of counsellors highly experienced in the field of gender identity. We can help via email, telephone, Skype or face -to-face appointments. Whatever your query is, ask for help today.

Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis

For some people it is not clear cut what your thoughts about your gender mean. Whether you are  100% sure or need some help unpicking your thoughts, then ask today for free confidential advice.

Prescription Medication

If you are self-medicating, already receiving medication but looking for an alternative source, or wanting to start medication, then send me your requirements. Genuine prescription medication is safer than ‘purchasing’ it via the Internet.

Blood Tests and Monitoring

Blood tests and medical checks are an important part of safe treatment. I can arrange blood tests via your GP, at a venue close to you, or via home testing kits. Transition safely, full advice available.

Post-Op Advice

If you have transitioned and are looking for someone to oversee your continued safe use of hormones, then please email me. I can advise on safe doses and monitoring, health screening and psychological support.

Help for your GP

If your GP needs help in understanding gender issues, then ask me for my GP help pack. I can give you all the information you need to be referred to the NHS Gender Identity Clinics, and to get bridging help from your GP.

Media and Speaker Requests

If your organisation is looking for an inspiring and vivacious speaker to help inform on trans issues then I am very able and willing. Students, journalists, workplace officers – ask me today.

Join my Team

If you are interested in working in this highly rewarding field then ask me about opportunities. I am very happy to receive articles, blogs, thoughts, stories, videos and photos to share with the trans community and to inform others.

Children and Young People

Children, young people and their families have special requirements when dealing with gender issues, and time factors are crucial. Whether you need help with accessing NHS care or would like advice on private care, please ask me today.

Legal Documents

I can help, advise and give reports for all legal documents – deed poll name changes, passport gender, gender recognition certificates. Conditions apply but ask today.

Know your Rights

If you feel that you are being discriminated against for reasons relating to your gender then please ask today. In school, college or University. At home or at work or in the High Street. Which toilet you can use or what your pension age should be.

GGP Mission Statement

You are never too young or never too old to get help and support. Whether you just need some advice about your thoughts and feelings, would like some safe and affordable care to continue your transition, or whether you are ready to start the whole process then please contact me for advice.

If you would like a referral to the NHS Gender Clinic or some materials to give to your GP to help them, then ask me today. If you are already taking hormones and would like a more reputable source, with full medical monitoring, then I can help you. Full medical service available including psychological support and assessments, medical assessments, blood tests & medication.

There are many ways that we can communicate, including email, telephone, Skype and face-to-face. Something for everybody.

Drs Mike and Helen Webberley – Gender Specialists

Testimonials and Case Studies

five-starsI am a transwoman and after initially seeing my GP, I found my self worrying about how I would have to wait for over a year for my GIC appointment. I wanted to prevent further changes due to testosterone, including the loss of my hair. After a long time looking for faster routes, I began to lose hope and reached the end of my tether but managed to stumble across My Web Doctor. I sent a email message and was shocked to recieve not only a reply, but actual prescriptions for the medications that I needed. To this day I don’t know where I would be if it hadden’t been for Dr Webberley’s amazing online serve. I have recommended it already to all of my transgender friends who reside in the UK.


five-starsI found Dr Webberley’s website after some research on transgender forums. I’ve been making steps to transition since opening up to my therapist in April. When my initial referral for Charing Cross came back and mentioned a 13 month waiting list I wasn’t surprised, but it made up my mind to look at private care to bridge the gap to my first NHS GIC appointment. Dr Webberley and her team are professional, attentive and supportive, providing the relevant information and guidance for each step of the process. Both Dr Webberley and Katie have been fantastic throughout the consultation and the day my prescription came through I was in much happier place. Thank you, Robyn


five-starsI want out on my own for the first time on Saturday fully dressed with a wig and my skirt etc. Was nerve racking not having someone with me but I managed it. So getting there. Got my ears pierced and ordered my new glasses as others too masculine. So slowly everything is falling into place. I’ve also found a product that may help other males transitioning with the dreaded beard shadow. It’s double coverage by estee lauder and is in boots. Works better than my Benefit one as is liquid so doesn’t cake when layering and lasts up to 15hrs. Going to switch to their foundation as its matte so no need for powder and make up fixer as lasts for 15 hrs.


Online Medical Services – by Dr Webberley

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