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GenderGP is a portal through which you can access specialists that can provide advice, treatment and support to gender diverse people.
Our vision is to enable and support anyone to happily and comfortably embrace their gender. We offer direct access to a diverse range of experts who provide timely, accessible and affordable help and support. 
We believe in self empowerment and self identification which puts the individual in charge of their own gender journey.

GenderGP Services

Support, we believe, is key to to your personal journey.

We are here to help and support through a variety of services, designed to support and inform you and hopefully give you the information you need.

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Please contact us for specific questions or just clarification and guidance. We are here to listen, support and help.

Drs Mike and Helen Webberley – Gender Specialists

At GenderGP, we’ve joined together a team of professionals, offering advice and skills which will help you along your journey.

Headed by Dr Helen Webberley and Dr Mike Webberley, with a simple aim. To help and support the Transgender community.

Dr Helen Webberley

GP & Gender Specialist – Dr Helen Webberley is a fierce advocate for the rights of trans people to access timely healthcare.

Dr Mike Webberley

Dr Mike Webberley is a consultant physician with many years experience in all aspects of general medical care and a thorough understanding of endocrinology and the health needs of gender variant people.


I am a transwoman and after initially seeing my GP, I found my self worrying about how I would have to wait for over a year for my GIC appointment. I wanted to prevent further changes due to testosterone, including the loss of my hair. After a long time looking for faster routes, I began to lose hope and reached the end of my tether but managed to stumble across My Web Doctor. I sent a email message and was shocked to receive not only a reply, but actual prescriptions for the medications that I needed. To this day I don’t know where I would be if it hadn’t been for Dr Webberley’s amazing online serve. I have recommended it already to all of my transgender friends who reside in the UK.



I found Dr Webberley’s website after some research on transgender forums. I’ve been making steps to transition since opening up to my therapist in April. When my initial referral for Charing Cross came back and mentioned a 13 month waiting list I wasn’t surprised, but it made up my mind to look at private care to bridge the gap to my first NHS GIC appointment. Dr Webberley and her team are professional, attentive and supportive, providing the relevant information and guidance for each step of the process. Both Dr Webberley and Katie have been fantastic throughout the consultation and the day my prescription came through I was in much happier place. Thank you,



I went out on my own for the first time on Saturday fully dressed with a wig and my skirt etc. Was nerve racking not having someone with me but I managed it. So getting there. Got my ears pierced and ordered my new glasses as others too masculine. So slowly everything is falling into place. I’ve also found a product that may help other males transitioning with the dreaded beard shadow. It’s double coverage by Estée lauder and is in boots. Works better than my Benefit one as is liquid so doesn’t cake when layering and lasts up to 15hrs. Going to switch to their foundation as its matte so no need for powder and make up fixer as lasts for 15 hrs. 


In The Media

GenderGP we champion better access to healthcare for all.

We get regular coverage in the international, national and community press. Our aim is to raise the profile and issues through all media outlets. Through these platforms, we will raise awareness and understanding for the Transgender community.

Huffington Post

The destination for U.K. news, blogs and original content offering coverage of British politics, entertainment, style, world news, technology and comedy.

TV News & Radio

GP & Gender Specialist – Dr Helen Webberley is a GP with a special interest in gender care and sexual health.

Gay Star News

The home of the best UK and Worldwide news on gay current affairs, entertainment, business & more for the gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender communities.

Laser hair removal for trans women

Guest blog post – Victoria Oldman If, like me, you’re a thirty something trans woman capable of growing a beard to rival that of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, and needing to shave on a daily basis in order to prevent that, then laser hair removal is something...

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Contact Us – Confidential Advice

Whatever your query, we’re here to help. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you. The GenderGP team.

Please send a message using the box form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We respond to all queries, so if you don’t get a reply check your spam box, or try again!

Alternatively call or email us directly:


+44 1344 231859


House rules

This is a safe space. We are starting from a position where we believe children when they say they are questioning their gender. We acknowledge that trans children exist, we agree with appropriate social transition and timely medical intervention. This is not an opportunity for discussion about whether children can be gender variant, this is a discussion about how best to support them and those who care for them. If your questions or comments challenge the existence of gender incongruence in children and young people, and their rights, then you will be removed.

We have a zero tolerance approach towards bullying, degrading or belittling behaviour, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism or trolling of any kind, casual or other. If we feel you are breaching our house rules our moderators will remove you from the conversation.

If you are the parent or a family member of a gender variant youth, if you are a gender variant youth yourself, if you are an ally, an interested party or a medical practitioner – or someone who simply wants to learn more – you are very welcome to join us for what promises to be a very exciting, informative and unique conversation. 

Media Enquiries (ONLY): Please contact Aby Hawker at Falcon PR.

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