I am glad to discover you , while browsing on web . You are dong wondeful service to man kind / tg community. You deserve a Nobel Prize. I will be honoured, if you  please accept me as your friend and your Team Member. If you provide me with literature, I can guide the needy, here in India , on your behalf. After some time, I can be there with you in your Team, if you so require.

Please accept my compliments to you and every member of your Team. Kindly answer my question, how one can know that he or she is a transgender .

I learnt from my Dad, who served King George Hospital, in Admin, to be friendly and to be helpful. I want my Dad, to be my Dad, in my next birth too, I love him so much, he used to be my best friend.

I am well educated , I completed my service to join your service. Thanks. Regards.