Welcome to the first episode of the GenderGP podcast featuring Dr Helen Webberley, GP and Gender Specialist, and Marianne Oakes, lead counsellor at GenderGP. In this introductory episode we’re going to talk a little about why we decided to launch this podcast and what we will be covering in this first season.

Who are we? GP and Gender Specialist, Dr Helen Webberley, has been fighting for the rights of gender variant people to access prejudice-free healthcare since she founded GenderGP in 2015. Recognised as one of the foremost doctors in the field of private gender care, Dr Webberley believes in a gender affirmative approach and takes her lead from the international centres of excellence. In her role as CEO and Medical Director of GenderGP, Dr Webberley provides access to healthcare services for patients while they wait to access care provided via the NHS or as a stand alone service.

Marianne Oakes is head of the psychological support team at GenderGP, a service which specialises in the multidisciplinary treatment of gender variant people. She has great experience in one to one therapy, couples and family counselling. Marianne came to this branch of therapy after struggling to find a counsellor with the right experience and qualifications to help her with her own journey as transgender woman. Marianne has additionally witnessed her own family’s struggles coming to terms with her gender identity, an experience which has given her a unique insight which she brings to her own practice.

If you have been affected by any of the topics discussed and would like to get in touch please drop us a line at doctor@GenderGP.co.uk. You can also contact us on social media where you will find us at @GenderGP on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We are always happy to accept ideas for future shows, so if there is something in particular you would like us to discuss or a specific guest you would love to hear from, let us know. Your feedback is really important to us so if you could take a minute or two to leave us an honest review and rating for the podcast on iTunes it will help others to discover us. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to share!

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