Episode one, part one

Season two of our GenderGP podcast opens with a two part episode in which your hosts, Dr Helen Webberley and Marianne Oakes, share some of their learnings from the Trans Youth Care conference held in LA, in January 2019.

The two-day conference featured three of the US’ leading voices on the care of younger gender variant people:

  • Dr Johanna Olson-Kennedy, leading medical expert specialising in the care of transgender youth, non-conforming youth and gender variant children.
  • Aydin Olson-Kennedy, well-known human rights activist who has spoken for the past two decades about the importance of rights for transgender individuals, with emphasis on identifying and acknowledging domains of privilege.
  • Darlene Tando, LCSW and a proponent of the informed consent model where the individual is the “expert” on their own gender identity.

Starting from the position that a person who says they are trans is speaking their truth, the two-day event was entirely focused on how best to support gender variant youth. For Marianne and Dr Helen it was a breath of fresh air to be in a room full of parents and professionals, all wanting to learn more about how they could improve their approach at home and at work.

There was so much to share that we have divided the podcast into two parts. In Trans Youth Care part one, Marianne shares her key learnings from a psychological perspective. In part two, Dr Helen discusses the latest medical thinking coming out of the US, and just how similar it is to the patient-led approach taken by those who provide care via GenderGP.

Inspired by the event Dr Helen was quick to invite her esteemed colleagues to join her for a live stream question and answer panel event which will take place on March 31st, 2019 from 3pm-4.30pm. Full details to follow on our website: www.gendergp.co.uk.

“If your child says they are transgender, they probably are.”
A discussion on the subject of gender affirmative healthcare for trans youth.

The event will provide unprecedented access to a formidable panel of guests poised to answer your questions on the subject of healthcare for trans and gender variant youth, where we currently stand in the UK, and how this compares to the approach taken by the largest transgender youth clinic in the United States.

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash


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